Get the Code!

If want to compile yourself the latest code available of Mazcan Project you must download it from the Subversion (SVN) repository.

Installation guide

      Check availability of a SVN client on your machine, and in the case, get one.
      You can use APT like software like Synaptics(Ubuntu) to download the SVN client

      # apt-get install svn
      Download source code from the Sourceforge SVN repository

      svn co
      SVN will download the latest available code to your computer, project is organized into three folders branch,tags and trunk. In trunk folder you will find the latest and experimental code (Atention!! it could not compile, or have errors). In branches folder other flavours of the code will be available.
      to compile the latest code, get into the trunk folder and then into the application you want to compile and type:

      make all

      it will compile the entire application, in the near future a entire project make will be provided

      Then execute the code, following the instructions.

Getting the binaries

If you don’t want to deal with the compilation mess, and start using the applications now you can download precompiled binaries from the SourceForge files section of the project

The packages at Files Section will be more stable, but older than the repository one’s, so double check dates when downloading precompiled binaries. If nothing is said about the architecture, assume x86 binaries, compiled in a 2.6.x branch debian-like kernel.

If you have plans on porting MazCan Project to other architectures, please let me know!. Sent an e-mail and i will publish them in the Files Section of the project.