Hey!. I don’t forget about my 4-5 loyal readers!, this summer in a word has been intense, shortly after returning from Campus Party in Valencia, put my hands on the Land-tiger board and developed a beta firmware, the goal is to make a full compatible CAN sniffer which presents to linux as a network interface.

I think I accomplished my task with good results, now Mazcan can sniff any traffic from the vehicle network’s and do a passthrough to the USB controller and then all the way to linux kernel. I think the firmware task is almost done in the absence of a few new features including a SD module logger, a GPS and an IMU. I will post all the details in the next months about implementation and other thoughts!.

Now, at the end of the Summer, a new course is going to start and i hope this will be my last year in my ¿MSc? (5year full-time degree) in Computer Science. I have some doubts about the latter because in Spain there were two Computer Science degrees, a full-time 3 year (Ingeniería Técnica) and a full-time 5 year degree (Ingeniería Superior) and conversion is not very clear on the pre-2010 courses, this have changed since 2010 and now there’s only a 4year Degree (Grado) and an optional 1year MSc (Master) which engages the European Higher Education Area (Bologna process).

Anyway, last year students must elaborate a dissertation to obtain the degree, usually dissertation is chosen from a catalog of projects offered by the departments but students can propose their own dissertation topic which must be accepted by a department lecturer. I’ve presented Mazcan as a dissertation topic for my Computer Science degree obtaining a very good feedback.