I’ve been doing some experiments with Quartz Composer and got a mockup of the Data Acquisition Overlay. I will explain how to do a similar thing soon. Now enjoy a test-video!

MazHUD Overlay Test from Jesús F. Trujillo on Vimeo.

In the ToDo list remains the development of a Quartz Composer plugin capable of reading the telemetry.

LandTiger LPC1768

Moving to ARM

It’s been a lot of time since last posted on MazCAN Project blog, since September 15th lots of things had happened.
I think the most important is that we’re moving from Arduino(atmega) to ARM Cortex-M3, a platform plenty of features and power, that will be a leap in terms of transfer rate. As we recognized that the arduino platform in his vanilla form will not give us enough power to communicate all the messages from the ArCan Shield to the PC.

LandTiger Dev Board

This is the new development platform I chose, it’s a LandTiger from PowerAVR chinese seller with a 3,2″ 320x240TFT, it sports a NXP LPC1768

LandTiger LPC1768

So no more FTDI RS232-USB conversors and almost no hardware limits (on its class) but a new challenges approach as I need to learn everything on USB device-to-host communications to develop the firmware, find new base code for the development board and a comfortable IDE.

We have joined CUSL!

We are very pleased to announce that we have joined the Concurso Universitario de Software Libre (CUSL), a inter-university champion on free software, MazcanProject will participate in this edition. The CUSL aims to improve the spread of Free Software development across all students in all educational levels, and to encourage developers to move to Free Software.

The main idea is to continue publishing this entries in English, to improve my language expression and to reach the biggest target developers and interested people as possible.

Concurso Universitario de Software Libre

The project now is stalled until I find some time to spend with it!, but i hope to return to the “good” way and make some revisions to code soon :P